Back Home and Ready to Tangle

Arrived home from Kennebunkport today. The weekend went by so fast, but it was great while it lasted. We shopped, ate seafood, and did some sightseeing along the coastline. I even got to get my toes in the water at the beach. We were lucky enough to meet Carolyn Mariano of “Les Chapeaux” in Kennebunkport. She has to be one of the friendliest, nicest shop owners I’ve ever met. We went in to look at hats and wound up staying for almost an hour. She went out of her way to make sure we knew where the best out of the way reataurants were and even printed out maps for us to get to some very scenic places we wouldn’t have known about otherwise. This was before we even decided to buy a hat (she makes them right there).  When we went back the next morning to pick up our hats I brought her a tile I did in the evening before with her logo on it to let her know how much we appreciated her Maine hospitality! This is Carolyn and the tile I did for her. If you’re ever in Kennebunkport make sure you stop by her shop (24 Ocean Ave) and say hello, she’ll make you feel right at home, like an old friend. You’ll love her, and her shop!



4 thoughts on “Back Home and Ready to Tangle

  1. Kathy has such a great spirit and artistic eye. Her vista to my store will be one I will will always cherish. Her kind gesture of drawing my logo with her unique perspective will be a special treasure to me always. I look forward to framing it and hanging it proudly at my store, Les Chapeaux! Thank-you Kathy!!

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