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Diva Challenge #72 Crescent Moon Monotangle

This was a fun challenge. Thanks Laura! Hope your weekend goes well for you and your husband and your Mom!’  I enjoyed doing these tiles. Crescent Moon is relaxing.










Linda Farmer has started a fun project. She’s posting a new string each week, and asking people who use it to post it on Flickr. There is information on her site (  My 3rd tile here is done with the #1 string she posted. To escape the hassle of picking patterns for the string, I decided to use Linda’s tangle patterns and pick out tangles alphabetically. It will force me to try some new tangles too! The tangles I used were antidots, black box, carres. drupe and emingle.

Just Relaxing

While I was away last week I had lots of time to play, so after finishing my tiles for the Sepia Challenge, I spent time on another tile just for fun, something light and whimsical.

Diva’s Challenge # 71 Pea-nuckle

Laura, thanks for pushing us with this challenge. I have to say that pea-nuckle was a little daunting to me. I did my first tile earlier in the week. You’ll notice that  pea-nuckle takes up very little space in the tile. I started with better intentions, but as I drew it started to get a little wonky and I gave up after one row. I procrastinated until last night to draw another tile. After some practice I felt a little more confident and was able to get it finished. I don’t know if I’m crazy about either one, but here they are.

Diva’s Challenge # 70 “Colour Me Sepia”

When the Diva’s challenge came out on Monday I didn’t have my sepia or brown pens with me. I’m away from home this week and only packed the basic supplies, so no colored pens. I did have my watercolor pencils and water brush with me though so I decided to give those a try and did 2 tiles. I wasn’t totally happy with the results so I headed to the nearest craft shop and got a set of sepia pens. I did 2 more tiles in sepia and shaded them with a brown watercolor pencil. I’m much happier with the effect. The first tiles below are the ones I did last night with the sepia pens. The the last 2 tiles are the ones I did Monday evening with watercolors.





First Zendala

Last night I completed my first Zendala. I discovered when I was adding watercolors to it today that I had left off some lines while drawing it. I attempted to correct it, but now it’s a little wonky. Oh well, life is full of imperfections. It will have to do, though after this I think I’ll stick to Zentangles.



Diva’s Challenge #68: “Duo Challenge v.IV: Hibrid/Strircles”

I had to really stop and think about this challenge. I’d never done Strircles, but had seen it before, so I tried to do it from memory (not always a good idea) . My first tile didn’t seem quite right, so I went to Tangle Patterns and saw what I’d done differently. I almost didn’t submit it, but after doing some shading and adding triangles to hibrid, I felt better about it. By the time I did tile number 2 I was feeling a little more comfortable with the challenge.