Diva’s Challenge #68: “Duo Challenge v.IV: Hibrid/Strircles”

I had to really stop and think about this challenge. I’d never done Strircles, but had seen it before, so I tried to do it from memory (not always a good idea) . My first tile didn’t seem quite right, so I went to Tangle Patterns and saw what I’d done differently. I almost didn’t submit it, but after doing some shading and adding triangles to hibrid, I felt better about it. By the time I did tile number 2 I was feeling a little more comfortable with the challenge.

24 thoughts on “Diva’s Challenge #68: “Duo Challenge v.IV: Hibrid/Strircles”

  1. i like the negative strircles in your second tile! and i like everything about your first one – i like the string/the shape of it!

  2. Both are really good, but the way you tapered and angled the hibrid arcs seem to give #2 depth. Alice is wise in he comments about the movement created by the background striclkes creates a sense of movement behind the hibrid string. Well done.

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