20 thoughts on “Diva’s Challenge # 69 – Groovy

  1. i don’t know why, but your second tile reminds me of hot air balloons – haha! i think the groovy looks like airwaves, and the dark space to the right like sky, and the round designs (don’t know the name) look like the top of balloons :) i love it!

    • Thanks Alice, the round designs are a variation of ‘Bulb Lanterns” from Linda Farmer’s Tangle Pattern Guide, and I have to agree with you, they do look like they’re floating up off the page. That was a fun tile to do!

  2. Such an interecting contrast in these two tiles. The first is light and feminine and the second is more bold and vibrant. Both are beautifully done.

  3. Echoing all the other comments. i love the light and airy feel of the first one, especially like the way you did the scrolls coming out from the bottom of groovy. The second is delightful and full of energy with the bulblights and all their varied designs and the sharp contrast.

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