Diva Challenge #72 Crescent Moon Monotangle

This was a fun challenge. Thanks Laura! Hope your weekend goes well for you and your husband and your Mom!’  I enjoyed doing these tiles. Crescent Moon is relaxing.










Linda Farmer has started a fun project. She’s posting a new string each week, and asking people who use it to post it on Flickr. There is information on her site (tanglepatterns.com).  My 3rd tile here is done with the #1 string she posted. To escape the hassle of picking patterns for the string, I decided to use Linda’s tangle patterns and pick out tangles alphabetically. It will force me to try some new tangles too! The tangles I used were antidots, black box, carres. drupe and emingle.

29 thoughts on “Diva Challenge #72 Crescent Moon Monotangle

    • Thanks Janee. It’s fun to hear how others see our work. It made me go back and take another look at my first tile. I guess some of my crescent moons do resemble those scalloped banners they put up on patriotic holidays.

  1. You have done two stunning tiles with crescent moon. Your third tile is a neat idea..maybe we will see it as a challenge!

    • Thanks Susan. The challenge idea would be fun. For me it just makes it simpler to pick patterns, and pushes me to try ones I haven’t done before.

  2. All three of these are very pretty. I love the depth and texture of the first one. Your shading really makes it interesting. I am struggling with my shading and refer back to work to see if I can improve.
    Great job!

    • Thank you for the link. It was very helpful. I have been experimenting with different pencils to shade, but i keep going back to the original Zentangle one with the gold tip. Will keep playing with it.

  3. these are pretty incredible, kathy! your top two tiles seem to be reverses of each other – and they have such variation in them. great job!

  4. I love Crescent Moon! I’ve never done a Diva Challenge before, but I think it’s about time I do! I love how you did so many awesome tangleations! They look great! Thanks for the inspiration 😇

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