Diva’s Challenge # 73 – Bridgen

This has been a busy week. I leave Saturday for a long awaited trip to Ireland, so I’ve been trying to make sure I have everything ready to go.  I couldn’t miss doing this week’s challenge though, especially since I’ll be away for the next two. I managed to get two tiles done as of this morning.  Not quite sure about them, they were a little rushed, but here they are.


12 thoughts on “Diva’s Challenge # 73 – Bridgen

  1. I agree with Cindy. Your tangles are more calm, less chaotic than most. I like how you commit to two or three patterns instead of a different one for every section. Nice job on both.

  2. Both are really nice!!! The first one looks like lots of “zen” fun to do and the second one looks like a piece of fabric. Lovely!

  3. These are both really pretty.I haven’t been able to do this challenge yet, but it’s on my list. The second one reminds me of a quilt. I like what you have done to fill in each section on the first one, it is simple and yet looks so intricate. Beautiful work. Have a wonderful time in Ireland!

  4. Woah, Kathy these are superb. I especially like the organic influence in the second and as said the Zen of the first. Ohh, we are all waiting to see what your eye and mind bring back from Ireland to influence tangles (gonna be more than shamrocks we know). Stand in the Giants’ Causeway and be Zen Tangled!

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