Diva’s Challenge #76,77- Home, and Fiore di Pietro

On June 9th I left for Ireland and while it was a great vacation, I did miss having my Zentangle connections. I brought my Zentangle kit with me but only managed to do one tile while I was there. We were going from morning until evening each day. We saw and did so many amazing things, but after staying in so many hotels I was longing to sleep in my own bed. So when I got home a week ago and saw the Diva’s challenge for “Home” my bed was the first thing that came into my head. I finished it last Thursday, but jet lag kicked in and I never submitted it. So my first 2 tiles here are the Ireland and “Home” tiles.  The next two tiles are for this weeks challenge in honor of Rho Densmore’s brother-in-law Peter who recently passed away. My heart goes out to all of the family. Rho, you have my permission to use any of my Fiore di Pietro tiles.


8 thoughts on “Diva’s Challenge #76,77- Home, and Fiore di Pietro

  1. I so enjoy looking at your challenge pieces and these 4 tiles are fantastic. I am especially drawn to the Pietro challenge one on the left because you have really shown the grace of line in this pattern!

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