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Diva Challenge #84 “String Theory v. XI: Blind-Sighted

Glad to have Laura back and to have Artoo home and doing better. This week’s challenge was to draw a blind string. When I looked at my finished string, I wasn’t sure where to go with it, so I just jumped in and let the string guide me, but after finishing my last tangle I wasn’t really loving it. Then I turned it on it’s side and I saw it in a whole new light.  I forgot to take a picture of my string so I redrew a rough draft of it so you could see what I started with.

Thanks for taking a look, and if you have a minute check out my “Strawberry ZIA Flowers” in my last post. I’d love to hear some feedback!

Strawberry Zia Flowers

While slicing strawberries for my cereal one morning I laid them on a paper towel. After picking them up there were lovely pink prints on the towel. I decided to experiment later that day and arranged several sliced strawberries on a 9 x 12 piece of watercolor paper. I gently pressed down on them and then left them there for about an hour. After checking to see if the color was deep enough, I carefully lifted them off. I then let the paper dry. That evening I tangled the flowers, added stems and colored them in with my inktense pencils. I love my bouquet of strawberry flowers! Thought you might like to see it.

Diva Challenge #83 – Assunta/Mooka

This week’s challenge was to use Mooka and Assunta. That was  a little intimidating for me. I hadn’t used either pattern very often. My Mooka never seemed to look the way I wanted it to.  I thought about maybe skipping this week, but decided that would be taking the easy way out.  After practicing my Mooka more times than I care to count,  I decided to just dive in. My first tile turned out so busy that I thought I should call it Mooka Madness.  I decided to try again and I’m much happier with the second tile. I also caught up on my  Tangle Pattern Strings. I finished five of them this week. Too many to post here, but if you’d like to check them out you can click on More Photos  in the very bottom right corner of my page.  I want to thank everyone that has been leaving comments here on my page. They are really appreciated!! Also, is anyone else going to CZT training in September? I’m looking forward to meeting other Diva’s Challenge people!      Kathy

Diva Challenge # 82 – Brayd

This summer has been super busy and I’m just finding time to relax these past several days. I managed to complete this week’s challenge, Brayd by Shelley Beauch, CZT. A great tangle! I also was able to do four more of the tangle pattern strings. I’m still not caught up with those, but I’m getting there! The first tile is Brayd. After drawing Brayd, it took me a while to decide what tangles to put with it. Sometimes I get too focused on picking out the “right” tangles. I need to think less and just draw.

The rest of the tiles are theTangle Patterns string tiles 5,6,7,and 8 in that order. I’m not too crazy about the variation of Drupe I did in tile 7, but it is what it is. I think tile 6 is my favorite. Thanks for looking, I’d love to hear your thoughts.