Diva Challenge # 82 – Brayd

This summer has been super busy and I’m just finding time to relax these past several days. I managed to complete this week’s challenge, Brayd by Shelley Beauch, CZT. A great tangle! I also was able to do four more of the tangle pattern strings. I’m still not caught up with those, but I’m getting there! The first tile is Brayd. After drawing Brayd, it took me a while to decide what tangles to put with it. Sometimes I get too focused on picking out the “right” tangles. I need to think less and just draw.

The rest of the tiles are theTangle Patterns string tiles 5,6,7,and 8 in that order. I’m not too crazy about the variation of Drupe I did in tile 7, but it is what it is. I think tile 6 is my favorite. Thanks for looking, I’d love to hear your thoughts.


13 thoughts on “Diva Challenge # 82 – Brayd

    • They are fun! I’ve really enjoyed doing them. Did I see on another site that you are going to the CZT training in September? I’m going also and really looking forward to it.

  1. I love your Brayd tile. It looks like the brayd is surrounded by butterflies. The other ones are lovely too. I particularly like the upper right one. Not sure which number it is, but it is so wavy and light and airy. I always admire that, as I have a tendency to make my designs so dense. Just Beautiful.

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