Strawberry Zia Flowers

While slicing strawberries for my cereal one morning I laid them on a paper towel. After picking them up there were lovely pink prints on the towel. I decided to experiment later that day and arranged several sliced strawberries on a 9 x 12 piece of watercolor paper. I gently pressed down on them and then left them there for about an hour. After checking to see if the color was deep enough, I carefully lifted them off. I then let the paper dry. That evening I tangled the flowers, added stems and colored them in with my inktense pencils. I love my bouquet of strawberry flowers! Thought you might like to see it.


2 thoughts on “Strawberry Zia Flowers

  1. beautiful, kathy, all they need are some little butterflies and ladybugs :) i think you chose a good variety of tangles to use and they work very well together. you did a great job with your stems – working them in and through each other – just like they would be in real life. i don’t think i’ve ever done it that way. so you’ve taught me something this morning. thanks :)

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