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Diva Challenge #93 Official New Tangle “Bunzo”

Last evening was definitely a good time to do this week’s challenge. It certainly took my mind off Sandy. I barely noticed the wind blowing outside. Bunzo was so much fun to do that I had to stop myself before I filled my whole tile.

We were lucky and didn’t have any damage or power loss, just a few small branches down. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of those who suffered Sandy’s wrath.



Diva Challenge #92: String Theory v.XIV “Stripes 2.0”

This week’s challenge is to use a “stripes” string. My first attempt felt lacking, so I added some color. It still doesn’t do a lot for me. The second tile is a W2 tile I started at CZT 10. This one I liked when I finished it! The last two tiles, Fengle, I also started at CZT 10 and finished this week. Just a little bit of whimsy!

Diva Challenge #91 – Beads for Courage

This week Laura told us about Beads for Courage. Young children, who because of illness have to endure many uncomfortable medical procedures, are given beads for each procedure as a reward. The string of beads they accumulate over time attests to their courage.  So the challenge for this week is to draw beads in recognition of Beads for Courage.  God bless Laura’s son Artoo, and all the other children and their families. Here’s my contribution:


Diva Challenge #90: String Theory v. XIII

This week’s challenge is to use Tangle Patterns String #1.  I’ve been doing the Tangle Pattern strings from the beginning and have just finished string #21, so it was fun to go back and do string #1 again. I’m posting both today: #1 and #21, along with a tile I did this week in brown.  Thanks for checking them out.

Diva Challenge # 89 Sankegg

Last week was a whirlwind. Attending the CZT Seminar X was amazing. I learned so much from Rick, Maria and Molly, and met so many wonderful people from all over the United States and other countries.  This week’s challenge  of Sankegg took me a little while, but it finally came together. I also managed to finish last week’s challenge IX, and since I’m so revved up after last week’s Seminar I’ve also added a couple more.  Lastly, I’ve added a picture showing 3 very happy new CZTs. Mary Beth from Pennsylvania, Kathy from Illinois, and myself (Kathy) from New York.