Diva Challenge #92: String Theory v.XIV “Stripes 2.0”

This week’s challenge is to use a “stripes” string. My first attempt felt lacking, so I added some color. It still doesn’t do a lot for me. The second tile is a W2 tile I started at CZT 10. This one I liked when I finished it! The last two tiles, Fengle, I also started at CZT 10 and finished this week. Just a little bit of whimsy!


14 thoughts on “Diva Challenge #92: String Theory v.XIV “Stripes 2.0”

  1. Kathy, these are all beauriful! My favorite one is the W2. I may have to “borrow” your idea. Would you mind? How are you? I have missed you!
    Kathy Shabowski

  2. My fav would be the second one but the fengle tiles really impress me. I STILL haven’t mastered fengle and these tiles show just how lovely it can be.

  3. WOW Kathy!!! both are beautiful! I love the pink with black and your ribbons are spectacular! thank you for your lovely comment also :) very sweet!

  4. I really like the first tile don’t be afraid to show it off. The color you chose is so pretty, I just can’t stop staring at how warm and inviting that tile is.

  5. Wow these are all very delicate and beautiful. The colored one is great, but the B&W version 2 is also great.No 3 and 4 are very creative explained stripes. Love all your work, and I see you fixed your problem, I came right away on your site, with the link.

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