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Weekly Challenge #104: String Theory v. XXIII – TanglePatterns String #003″

I truly hope that everyone in Laura’s household is starting to feel better, and thank you to Laura, who even while not feeling well, managed to put up another challenge for all of us. This week’s challenge is Tangle Patterns String 3. My tile has a double purpose this week. A fellow CZT, posted on the CZT Facebook page that her 2 yr. old daughter would be having surgery next week to have her tonsils/adenoids and like any parent, she’s feeling a little stressed about it.  She shared “I’m going to tangle a sun every day through her surgery. That way no matter how we all feel, we’ll have sunlight surrounding us. If anyone wants to tangle some sun for us, it would be appreciated.”  So the yellow in my tile represents sunlight for her and her daughter.

I have one more thing Id like to share. I’ve started a new blog,  I’ve decided to use tangling as a tool to help with my ongoing battle with my weight. It’s a little scary putting my struggle out there in such a public way, but I thought by blogging about it I will be more motivated to stay with it. If you’re interested, check it out. If you’d like to join me on this journey, I’d love the company.


Weekly Challenge #103: “String Theory v.XXII – Moebius Syndrome Awareness”

This week’s challenge is to bring awareness to Moebius Syndrome Awareness, a rare disorder that affects just one in a million children.  Laura’s youngest son, Artoo, is one of those children.  Laura plans on sharing the contributions to the challenge with the families in her Moebius Syndrome support group. She asked that we incorporate purple in our drawing since that’s the color associated with the group. I used a purple micron and a purple watercolor pencil.  It’s a challenge that I was very happy to do.


Weekly Challenge #101 UMT v.XI: “Phicops”

Happy 2013 to everyone! This week the Diva’s challenge is Phicops, created by her husband B-rad!  This is one that I need to keep practicing, I struggled with it a little, but I love it. Thank you B-rad! It must be nice to have a fellow tangler in the house. I’ve gotten my son tangling, but he lives in another state. My next step will be to get him doing the Diva challenges.