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Weekly Challegne #107: “New Official Tangle: Quandary”

I stopped at my sister’s yesterday, and when I walked in her kitchen I did a doubletake. Quandary jumped out at me from her wall calendar. I’ve included a picture of her Irish wall calendar and if you look in the close up you can see celtic knots in the spaces. I thought it was pretty cool.


Quandary-celtic (2)                      We learned how to do Quandary in CZT Seminar 10. It’s a fun one that I like to do. I kind of got carried away though and had a hard time stopping before quandry took over the whole tile. Once I did stop I got stumped on what tangle to use with it. I wound up using shattuck in the form of leaves. The tile feels a little heavy, not a lot of lightness to it, but I like it. I did one a while ago for another challenge that was a little more airy.

IMG_2983      nostring2

Weekly Challenge #106: “The Year of the Snake”

It’s the year of the snake! Snakes are not my favorite things, they make my skin crawl, so it took me a while to get into it, but I managed to finish it last night. The extra tile is one I did for a class I taught this week.                     Happy Valentine’s Day!

IMG_2978  IMG_2979

Weekly Challenge #105: “UMT v. XIII: Dansk”

Why is it when you decide to work on one room in your home, the rest of the house is in chaos? I’m in the process of redoing my bedroom.  I’m living with my bedroom set in my family room, my closet contents in my laundry room (I don’t know how I ever fit so many things in one closet), and my kitchen island is covered with paint cans, tools, and various harware. It’s taking so much longer than I thought it would. Thank heaven for zentangle. It’s the one thing that’s keeping me sane.  We are using Margaret Bremner’s Dansk in this week’s challenge. It’s one I’ve never tried before. It looks so easy, but my first attempts earlier in the week were not going well. I gave it one more try and while I’m still not crazy about it, it’s a definite improvment.


One Zentangle a Day – Day #5


I didn’t get to post this last night so I’m adding it today. I thought I would combine the Diva’s Challenge with One Zentangle a Day, but I wish I hadn’t.  I’m not at all crazy about the way my dansk turned out.  I do like adding sparkles to things though, so that part of the tile was fun. I think I’ll be trying dansk again for the Diva’s Challenge, so I can keep practicing it. It’s one I’ve never done before.

Trying to keep up with doing One Zentangle a Day is getting challenging and I’m not sure I can keep up. It’s starting to feel like work, and that’s not very zen. I want to feel freer to do what strikes me at the moment when I have time to tangle.  I think I’ll jump in evey once in a while when I can. I’ll still be following and looking forward to seeing what everyone is doing.

One Zentangle a Day – Day # 4











Focusing on keeping spacing of lines even, and shading. For some reason my shading never seems to show up as dark in pictures as it is on my tiles.

Day # 4  Shattuck, Jonqual, and Nipa


One Zentangle a Day – Day # 3


My zentangle is a little off kilter, but I’m too tired to take another picture. Stayed up too late watching the Super Bowl. I’m not that into football, but it was a good game.  I ususally watch for the commercials.  Day 3 was about adding depth. I think I accomplish that, but I want to work on making my pokeroot bigger.

Day 3 – Pokeroot, Hollibaugh and Festune

One Zentangle a Day – Day #1

Chris Letourneau’s blog,  is hosting A Virtual Bookclub, beginning with Beckah Krahula’s” One Zentangle a Day”. We’ll be doing each day’s exercise in Beckah’s book beginning today. Reading “One Zentangle a Day”, is reminding me to slow down, relax my grip and appreciate each stroke as I draw it.  It’s a nice way to reinforce what we’ve learned in our CZT seminars. Doing a zentangle a day as laid out in her book may be a challenge, but I plan on trying to keep up.  Day 1 – Tipple, Crescent Moon, and Static.