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Weekly Challenge #110: “Get rid of the box”

I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since I’ve posted. Teaching classes and finishing home improvement projects have kept me busy. This week’s challenge was to “Get rid of the box”, so I decided not to do my usual tile, and instead use my new Strathmore Tone Tan sketch book that I’ve been wanting to try. I used brown inks instead of black and even tried out my never used white charcoal pencil. My first efforts weren’t pleasing to me. I felt like part of my design looked like an Easter Egg gone wrong. After adding some highlights with the white charcoal pencil (which I liked using), I decided to try and lighten up the egg-looking part, but that didn’t work very well. So then I went all over that part with brown and added some pattern with a white pen. I never have much luck using the white pens. The ink flow always stops and starts. Anyway my zentangle is finished, and I’m not sure I like any of them. I think maybe I should have left well enough alone!  BUT, I did like the process, and learned a lot while doing it.  So here are the beginning, middle, and final results. The pictures were taken at different times of day, so the lighting affected how the color appears, but it’s all the same sketch. The paper is tan.