Weekly Challenge #112: UMT v. XV “Tuxedo”

This week’s challenge was to use Lee Ann Lendenzer’s “tuxedo”. I hadn’t used it before, but it looked fairly easy. I soon found out that the tricky part was keeping things evenly spaced. I didn’t succeed in that, and the look wasn’t as pleasing as I’d hoped for. When I’d finished the tile I felt it was lacking something. After studying it for a while I decided to add highlights in the orbs, giving them the look of pearls. It gave it a whole new look.

I want to thank everyone who stopped by and left comments on my mooka tile last week. It’s really great to get feedback.



11 thoughts on “Weekly Challenge #112: UMT v. XV “Tuxedo”

  1. No matter how hard I try i can never comment on WordPress. I’ve tried to leave so many comments on your wonderful tangles. This time I said ” I love your Tuxedos especially the “pearls”. Barbara

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