Weekly Challenge #116: “Blind Sighted”

This week’s challenge was to use a blind string – making a string on your tile without looking. This is my tile for this week. I tried a couple of tangles I hadn’t used before. I got off on the wrong foot with the first one (top), it was way too small, but I reworked it a little and got it back to where it should be.  Before zentangle, I would have tossed it in the trash.  Now, I persevere. The result may not be perfect, but that’s okay. It’s not about perfection.



9 thoughts on “Weekly Challenge #116: “Blind Sighted”

  1. I really like your blind tangle – could you tell me the names of the tangles you used? I especially am curious about the top one & the bottom right one.

  2. Great job Kathy. I like the way that you stuck with it because the variation looks great and like it was intended. Not sure what that tangle is though. I like it however. Like the background under the Hollibaugh. Makes that look entirely different.

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