Weekly Challenge #117: “New Official Tangle: Schway”

This week’s challenge is Rick’s tangle Schway. This tangle is not one I would have tried on my own. It’s very angular. I prefer tangles that are softer, more organic. I guess that’s why I decided to put it on a curved string. Still not sure that I would use it again.



14 thoughts on “Weekly Challenge #117: “New Official Tangle: Schway”

  1. Wow, I had the same idea in my mind, but I struggled a bit with it, and finaly decided to do it not like this. You did a clever thing by making a centre part, and then changing by color, and many little arrows, to create the right flow. It has a great effect, are the arrows pointing to the centre, or are they pointing out of the centre. Thats all about Schway! Well done.

  2. Such a wonderful job of getting the arrows so evenly spaced and even when changing sizes you were able to keep it so even! I love the criss/cross lines you’ve put in the bottom arrows

  3. I am new at Zentangle .and so amazed at your creativity , I wonder if I will get to your level of artistic ability . I love your work, It is fantastically beautiful . PM.

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