Archive | June 2013

Weekly Challenge #123: “Guest Post: Is it a Zentangle?”

Doing a tile using no patterns?  I definitely had to give this challenge some thought. Patterns are so ingrained in my head, I wondered how I could do a tile without using any of them.  I looked back through all the tiles I’ve done, and came up with something I had added to one of my earlier tiles. I expanded on it and added a spiral background made of pen dots. I decided that since I was doing a non-zentangle that I would forego the border and string, and went straight to my pen. When it was done I decided to add color to it to add more interest. I have a feeling this challenge will inspire some interesting artwork! Can’t wait to see it all!!


Weekly Challenge #122: “Grid (un)Locked”

This week’s challenge was to pick a grid pattern and just go with it! There are so many grid patterns that it took me a while to settle on one. I decided to do ‘Demi’ and worked it a couple of different ways. It really is amazing  how just moving those individual squares around can make such different patterns.


Weekly Challenge #121: “UMT XVII: Birds on a Wire

This challenge was a nice relaxing way to begin a new week. The tangle was Birds on a Wire. I hadn’t done this tangle before and it was a nice easy one that just kind of flowed onto the tile.  After completing up all my ‘birds’ I finished up with crescent moon. Initially I thought I might use a more substantial tile with more black in it, but crescent moon just seemed to be a good fit. I love that tangling isn’t something you can plan. It’s always fun to see where the pen takes you. Often it’s in a completely different direction than you thought you might go, just like life!