Weekly Challenge #127: “DuoTangle v. VII: Cirquital/Opus”2

This is my second tile for this challenge. I wasn’t really happy with the first one. Somehow my first attempts at cirquital just weren’t doing it for  me. I thought it needed something else. Cirquital always reminded me of something sharp and cutting. I decided I needed to soften it up somehow. I added a border to it and more shading. Now I can honestly say that I like it. I also did my own variation of opus which just seemed to fit better on this tile. I’d love some feedback. The second tile is the one I posted yesterday.

IMG_3796       IMG_3770


10 thoughts on “Weekly Challenge #127: “DuoTangle v. VII: Cirquital/Opus”2

  1. I like your second tile as well as the first tile. I would maybe put a little more contrast in the second tile, but not too much. The border is a nice touch and makes it look finished. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Though there is noting wrong with the first one you posted, I do understand what you mean looking at the new one.
    I wish I had changed Opus like you did. I do like the new one.

  3. They both are great. The border does soften the Cirquital. Think it depends on what effect you are trying to achieve and it demonstrates the versatility of tangling.

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