Weekly Challenge #132: “Non-Domonotangle”

This week’s Diva Challenge was to do a monotangle of Bales using our non-dominant hand.  I was determined to give it a try.  It was an exercise in patience, but also a little freeing knowing that the outcome didn’t matter.  It really was a lesson in being mindful because I really had to concentrate.  It made me think of kindergarteners with their heads down intently focused on drawing their letters, trying to make their pencils go in the right direction. I found the hardest thing for me was trying to fill in the centers of the smaller Bales. It was really hard to keep the pen in that little space.  It took me forever.  All in all I’m surprised at how it came out, a little heavy on the shading in the middle, but much better than I expected!   Thank you Laura for the challenge!  We really can learn to do anything “one stroke at a time”.

IMG_4003  IMG_4006


6 thoughts on “Weekly Challenge #132: “Non-Domonotangle”

  1. I love the bales in your tile….in fact I cannot tell they are your non-dom because they are beautifully done! What a gift to have so much control with your non-dom hand!

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