Weekly Challenge #141: DuoTangle – Fengle/Quandry

This week’s Diva Challenge was to use Fengle and Quandary together, and I have to say it was a frustrating challenge for me. I love Fengle, and I do like Quandary, but putting them together was a ‘quandary’ for me! I wound up doing three tiles because I wasn’t happy with my first attempt. My Quandary was all wonky. I was a little happier with my second attempt, but felt Fengle was getting lost on the Quandary background so I decided to add color to it to make the Fengle stand out. Still not quite satisfied I attempted a third, keeping Fengle out of the Quandary background. I liked it a little better.  I know this was supposed to be just Fengle and Quandary, but just as I was finishing the last tile my pen went a little wonky and I had to add a little bit of Bronx Cheer to cover it up (It was driving me crazy!). So now I’m officially quandaried out, and here are my three tiles.

IMG_4609   IMG_4608 IMG_4607


6 thoughts on “Weekly Challenge #141: DuoTangle – Fengle/Quandry

  1. Actually, I think all three tiles are pretty. I do like the third one the best, but you did very well on all of them. Very creative!

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