Weekly Challenge #149: “Twenty-Fourteen”

Happy New Year to everyone!! I’ve missed doing the challenges the last couple of weeks. I’m excited to begin a new year with all of you.  I hope you’re all keeping warm. It’s in the single digits here in upstate NY and I’m already looking forward to Spring! Here is my contribution to this week’s Diva Challenge.



6 thoughts on “Weekly Challenge #149: “Twenty-Fourteen”

  1. I am also glad that they are back, but not sure I will get to this one. I think you are getting the cold that we had the last 2 days. Today was the first it was above 0 since Sunday. Tonight are still suppose to have below zero temperatures with wind chill of only -15 instead of the -40 we had before. Like your tangle on the right.

  2. A gentle tile and your linework are superb. A wonderful way to represent 2014. I am also looking forward to spring but because we have had so much rain in the UK. If it freezes now, we will have loads of skate rinks!!!

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