Weekly Challenge #154: “Valentangle”

Wishing everyone a Happy Valentangle’s Day!!  My tile is on the late side again, but I was able to finish it tonight. I didn’t know where I was going with this when I started, and I wasn’t liking what was developing, but I stopped thinking too much about it and kept going, and I think I like it!  For those of you living in nice, sunny climates I thought I’d give you a peak of my backyard. It’s still snowing here and not supposed to stop until morning. It’s beautiful, but I’m sooo looking forward to Spring!

 IMG_4939    IMG_4932


6 thoughts on “Weekly Challenge #154: “Valentangle”

  1. I think your heart is beautiful, Kathy – and it has a slightly saucy aspect too, unless that’s just my imagination.
    Your backyard looks pretty from where I’m sitting – hope you get some nice Spring sunshine too. We have today and it’s lovely. Axxx

  2. Love your Valentangle! Also looking forward to Spring. It snowed Monday, Wednesday into Thursday and snow is predicted again for tomorrow and Sunday! UNCLE! (New Jersey)

  3. Like the spirals to create your heart. You have gotten more snow than we have in the midwest. The one today fortunately went a little south of us. We got some snow but only a couple of inches. Next week we are suppose to get a tease of spring with temps in the 40s, The up side is that it does give you time to tangle.

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