Weekly Challenge #175: “UMT – Crux by Henrike Bratz”

If you read through Laura’s blog (not just looked at the pictures) you’ll know why I had tears in my eyes as she described her first day at Seminar 15. These were tears from laughing so hard, especially at the alarm incident!  I can’t wait to read her next post about day two!!      Laura’s challenge this week is to use Henrike Bratz’s tangle Crux. Since it has similarities to Bales. I jumped right in and began it the same way I start Bales…Wrong! That’s not how the steps go, and of course I had already drawn an up and down grid. Not wanting to throw my tile away, I continued on and decided to present it here ‘on point’. I used 4 variations of Crux. I liked it, but they were small and didn’t do much to showcase Crux. I decided to do a second tile (following the steps this time), and give Crux a little more room to spread out.













16 thoughts on “Weekly Challenge #175: “UMT – Crux by Henrike Bratz”

  1. I had to laugh, Kathy, because I did the exact same thing. So I started doing one the “right” way and realized that there was nothing wrong with starting with Bales and just adding in the “cross hairs”. Either way, both tiles are lovely.

  2. They are both beautiful tiles. I may have teeny tiny preference for the second one, and yet I am impressed by the first one because I once tried something like that – using one grid with sections for different tangelations of the same pattern – and mine did. not. turn. out. So – respect. Yours is lovely.

  3. Both are great works, as always. Love your delicate look. For me I think I choose the first one as a winner. Great variations on the pattern.

  4. Wow your first one needed such care to do small Crux patterns, love them both but especially the second one where there was room to grow. Linda x

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