Archive | August 2015

Weekly Challenge #231: “The Undulating Tangles in C and S minor”

This week’s challenge by CZT Sharla Hicks is to use undulating tangles. My tile is last minute, but better late than never. I chose to use one of my favorite tangles, Fengle in my first tile, along with Tipple, Flux, and a Scallop variation. I love Fengle’s S curves, and I kept repeating them until they filled up the space. The second tile used the lazy curve of a C  in Tina Hunziker’s tangle Niuroda  in the lower right, along with Chris Titus’ CanT, and a variation of Cari Camara’s Neat. The Zentangle Afterglo is in the top left. 


Weekly Challenge #229: “+/-“

This week’s blogger filling in for Laura is CZT Sandy Hunter. Sandy challenged us to leave negative space in our tile rather than filling in the whole space. I used Flux with some tiny black pearls. I have to admit, it was hard to keep my Flux in check. I wanted to keep adding to it. As it’s often said, less is more!