Weekly Challenge #255: “Ghosts of Tangles Past”

The Diva’s Challenge this week was to pick one of our early tiles, and redo it today using the same tangles. My “before” tile was done in September, 2011. I’d been tangling less than a month. The tangles were Cadent, Marasu, and Ennies. You’ll probably notice my Cadent looks a little wonky. It’s because I did it backwards (not on purpose)! In today’s tile Cadent is done in the more traditional way. I can see that my Marasu and Ennies are less rigid, and more organic than my earlier tile. I’ve learned to relax! Thanks for a fun challenge Laura!

13 thoughts on “Weekly Challenge #255: “Ghosts of Tangles Past”

  1. Nice comparison between the two. I quite like your backwards cadent looks like a chain fence :). Your ennies look more organic and flowing. Am also noticing everyone’s shading has improved over time. :)

  2. What a difference in your style! Yes, your tile shows that you are relaxing more and are more confident in your drawing. Very “zen-ful” and your shading has really made the biggest difference in the finished tile. Nicely done! It is so much fun to see how far everyone has come and how relaxed we have become in the journey.

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