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Diva’s Challenge # 73 – Bridgen

This has been a busy week. I leave Saturday for a long awaited trip to Ireland, so I’ve been trying to make sure I have everything ready to go.  I couldn’t miss doing this week’s challenge though, especially since I’ll be away for the next two. I managed to get two tiles done as of this morning.  Not quite sure about them, they were a little rushed, but here they are.

Diva’s Challenge # 70 “Colour Me Sepia”

When the Diva’s challenge came out on Monday I didn’t have my sepia or brown pens with me. I’m away from home this week and only packed the basic supplies, so no colored pens. I did have my watercolor pencils and water brush with me though so I decided to give those a try and did 2 tiles. I wasn’t totally happy with the results so I headed to the nearest craft shop and got a set of sepia pens. I did 2 more tiles in sepia and shaded them with a brown watercolor pencil. I’m much happier with the effect. The first tiles below are the ones I did last night with the sepia pens. The the last 2 tiles are the ones I did Monday evening with watercolors.





First Zendala

Last night I completed my first Zendala. I discovered when I was adding watercolors to it today that I had left off some lines while drawing it. I attempted to correct it, but now it’s a little wonky. Oh well, life is full of imperfections. It will have to do, though after this I think I’ll stick to Zentangles.



Back Home and Ready to Tangle

Arrived home from Kennebunkport today. The weekend went by so fast, but it was great while it lasted. We shopped, ate seafood, and did some sightseeing along the coastline. I even got to get my toes in the water at the beach. We were lucky enough to meet Carolyn Mariano of “Les Chapeaux” in Kennebunkport. She has to be one of the friendliest, nicest shop owners I’ve ever met. We went in to look at hats and wound up staying for almost an hour. She went out of her way to make sure we knew where the best out of the way reataurants were and even printed out maps for us to get to some very scenic places we wouldn’t have known about otherwise. This was before we even decided to buy a hat (she makes them right there).  When we went back the next morning to pick up our hats I brought her a tile I did in the evening before with her logo on it to let her know how much we appreciated her Maine hospitality! This is Carolyn and the tile I did for her. If you’re ever in Kennebunkport make sure you stop by her shop (24 Ocean Ave) and say hello, she’ll make you feel right at home, like an old friend. You’ll love her, and her shop!


Amanda Day – Challenge #67

I love how 5 year olds think. Who would have ever thought to name the earth. Chewie evidently feels a strong connection to Mother Earth. When I think of the earth I always think of nature, and since I always gravitate towards flowers I decided to make them the focus of my first tile and added color. My second tile is an older one, but the curves in the circle made me think of how the earth is constantly spinning.


Recycling and Tangling

I decided instead of buying a new drink cup that I’d just update the one I have. I took out the old paper liner, used it as a template and got busy tangling. Now my cup has a fresh new look that I love. I’m wondering what else I can update…Hmmmm.

Laura’s Auras – Challenge #66

I was happy to see that Laura’s little boy is back home, and happy to see another challenge put up, although I wasn’t able to work on it until yesterday.

April has turned into a busy month and May looks to be just as busy. Then in June my sister and I head off to Ireland, and to say I’m excited would be an understatement. It’s a trip I’ve dreamed of for years. We’re going on a 13 day tour, then visiting friends of the family for a few days before heading home.

Back to tangling,  I did manage to do two tiles. In the first I used Sanibelle and Buttercup. The second I just went where my string took me and then drew the auras. I’m not sure if I like the second one, but it is what it is, and I like it a little better after shading it.