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Diva’s Challenge # 70 “Colour Me Sepia”

When the Diva’s challenge came out on Monday I didn’t have my sepia or brown pens with me. I’m away from home this week and only packed the basic supplies, so no colored pens. I did have my watercolor pencils and water brush with me though so I decided to give those a try and did 2 tiles. I wasn’t totally happy with the results so I headed to the nearest craft shop and got a set of sepia pens. I did 2 more tiles in sepia and shaded them with a brown watercolor pencil. I’m much happier with the effect. The first tiles below are the ones I did last night with the sepia pens. The the last 2 tiles are the ones I did Monday evening with watercolors.





Vacationing in Maine

We arrived in Maine yesterday for a girls weekend away. Just chilled yesterday after getting settled in the cottage. Relaxed and did a tangle in the evening. Today we’re hitting the shops, going to our favorite place for seafood and then browsing through antique stores. Should be a great day!