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Diva’s Challenge # 81- Relay for Life

This week Erin Olsen (www.thebrightowl.com) has suggested a zendala for this challenge to raise awareness of the American Cancer Society and it’s mission in fighting cancer. This is a disease that has impacted several of my family members and friends, young and old, as it has so many others. So finding a cure is critical. That’s why even though I’ve only done one zendala in the past, I decided to give it another try.

First Zendala

Last night I completed my first Zendala. I discovered when I was adding watercolors to it today that I had left off some lines while drawing it. I attempted to correct it, but now it’s a little wonky. Oh well, life is full of imperfections. It will have to do, though after this I think I’ll stick to Zentangles.