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Weekly Challenge #250: “Bringing it Back to the Old School

This week Laura has asked us to return to our Zentangle roots.  I used mu initial as a string and then randomly (using a numbers system) picked patterns to fill the sections… Avreal, Cogswheel, Festune, Kathy’s Dilemma, Raddox and Pea Knuckle. Although most of them aren’t patterns I would normally pick, it was relaxing to not having to think about what to choose next. I may do another and let mu muse pick the patterns!


Weekly Challenge #249: “DuoTangle: Celebrate with Diva Dance and Auraknot”

Congratulations to Laura!  Celebrating 5 years of the Diva Challenge using Auraknot, and Diva Dance (Rick and Maria’s gift to Laura). Thank you Laura for all your dedication and hard work that you do to keep the Diva’s Challenge up and running!