Weekly Challenge #290 “Duotangle: NZeppel vs Flux

It’s hard to believe that I haven’t posted here since February! Hopefully it won’t be that long before my next post! This week’s challenge combines 2 of my favorite tangles, Flux and NZeppel.




Weekly Challenge #255: “Ghosts of Tangles Past”

The Diva’s Challenge this week was to pick one of our early tiles, and redo it today using the same tangles. My “before” tile was done in September, 2011. I’d been tangling less than a month. The tangles were Cadent, Marasu, and Ennies. You’ll probably notice my Cadent looks a little wonky. It’s because I did it backwards (not on purpose)! In today’s tile Cadent is done in the more traditional way. I can see that my Marasu and Ennies are less rigid, and more organic than my earlier tile. I’ve learned to relax! Thanks for a fun challenge Laura!

Weekly Challenge #250: “Bringing it Back to the Old School

This week Laura has asked us to return to our Zentangle roots.  I used mu initial as a string and then randomly (using a numbers system) picked patterns to fill the sections… Avreal, Cogswheel, Festune, Kathy’s Dilemma, Raddox and Pea Knuckle. Although most of them aren’t patterns I would normally pick, it was relaxing to not having to think about what to choose next. I may do another and let mu muse pick the patterns!


Diva Challenge 246: “Guest Post: Monotangle Trees”

This week is a guest post. Dilip Patel, India’s first CZT, has challenged us to use one tangle to draw a tree to bring awareness to their importance in our environment. It could be any type of tree, but since The holidays are so close I decided to do a Christmas tree. I used one of my favorite tangles, Flux, and just a little bit of Diva Dance for the trunk.. I also added some colored lights.