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Weekly Challenge #174: Superimposing Strings

While Laura recovers from the whirlwind of the Zentangle Seminar 15, Aimee Belair, CZT is filling in. She has given us the challenge of superimposing strings on our tiles. I decided to use a Renaissance Tile and had fun doing it! Initially I had left the oval empty, but wasn’t crazy about it so I added a diamond grid. Looking at it now it reminds me of a pineapple. Thanks for the challenge Aimee!


Weekly Challenge #173: Redux, Remix, Revisit Your Comfort Tangle

Sharla Hicks, CZT, is filling in for Laura who is in Providence attending CZT Seminar 15. I know she’s having an amazing time!  Sharla’s challenge for us is to revisit some of our favorite comfort patterns, and to change them up in some way. Two of my go-to comfort patterns are Bales and Pokeroot. When I tangle, my patterns tend to be drawn small. So I decided to go big for this challenge! My Bales kind of morphed into Fife, but that’s okay, that’s another of my comfort patterns.  When I was finished drawing, I decided to change it up a little more by shading with my colored pencils. I hope you can see the aqua on Fife, it’s pretty light.


Weekly Challenge #172: Duotangle – Auraknot vs Mooka

Once again I find myself lagging behind and trying to play catch up! This week’s challenge is to do a duotangle using Auraknot and Mooka. This challenge pushed me, and I’m not thrilled with the result. I actually did a second tile, but it didn’t look much different than the first, so what you see is what you get :)  I may try again later.

The second tile is from last week’s challenge “Beads of Courage”.  Laura asked us who we thought about when we thought about courage. I thought of so many people I know who despite serious illnesses, or tragic circumstances, continue to remain positive, and face each day as best they can. They are all an inspiration to me.

IMG_5584  IMG_5582